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Hello UK Lottery Live

Having been a client of yours over the past 8 years, I just want to thank you for your consistency in providing me the services you have. I'm so glad that I can get my weekly fix for Wednesday and Saturday UK Lottery draws and get excited each week waiting for he results. Keep up the good work.

Much appreciated!

Hi World lottery live team!

Just a short note to say thanks for the great opportunity for us South Africans to have a chance at winning with the UK and Euromillions lotteries! We bought 10 tickets for the Euromillions last Friday night, and 3 of them came in! It was very exciting to receive an e-mail from you guys to say CONGRATULATIONS you have won! Not one but three of our tickets came in, and we made a lot more than we spent! The winnings were reflected in our 'Player account' the very next morning! We have decided to leave the winnings in our account for ticket purchases in future draws!

Thanks again!
Dino and Roy

I'm soooo stoked guys!

I won £97.50 on the EuroMillions and it was in my account the very next day!! 

Thanks guys

Tanya (Durban)

I want to say only that I LOVE your site.  Firstly I was purchasing tickets from another site, and comparing the two sites I must admit that world is by far a more superior site. Thank you for the good work and for helping give us a license to dream.  It is my wish that you may become the worlds number one lottery site.  Thank you for always being so helpful and making our purchase a personal experience.

 Best wishes for the future.
 Mrs. Bianca Eksteen

"Hey Guys, I am celebrating the unbelievable yet true great news.  It has been my first winning from a lotto, and having won it from UK Lotto, it has increased my belief that is reliable,trustworthy, and definitely worth the try.  I recommend you all to give it a shot. Cheers and Good Luck to you all"

From David  (David matched 5 numbers on the 04/06/2008 UK National lottery!!)

I would just like to say that after winning quite a few times (albeit small wins) since I registered in 2006, I have had first class service from  I would recomend this method of playing the big lotto's with these guys anyday!

Cheers Barry Tonkel

(This Player matched 5 numbers in the UK National Lottery Saturday night draw, but has asked us not to mention the amount)

Hi Alistar,
Just received a reply from my bank that the amount of GBP XXXXXXX/- is credited to my account thanks a million man, now i really beleive in you guys all of you, as first of all i never ever imagined that i had won and after your info i was thrilled , now that the amount is in my account i am over joyed.
You can keep this account info for my future deposits, if any changes will let you know.
Thanks Again,

Thank you for all you help.
Who may well be my ticket to the high  life

Larry Mallach

These are comments from some of the winners of our 'Win a ticket for every EuroMillions draw for one year!' competition!


Dear World Lottery Live Staff


“Hip Hip Hurrah” what a surprise, thank you very much for this prize.  A “Lekker” feeling that we have a chance to win the big prize that would be life changing.  Our rands would be able to go a loooonnngggg way and in our shop I jumped around like a kid.  Sincerely thank you once again for this prize and look forward to keep playing with you.  


Kind Regards

Desiree & Reg





First of all I must say thank you guys for the competition.  This website was great to begin with and now that everyone has a chance to win something, it’s even greater.


I’m so glad I’m a winner because not only does it save me money, it gives me comfort in knowing that even when I’m traveling, I will know my numbers are entered for the JACKPOT.


Thank you and I’m looking forward to claiming the BIG PRIZE!





Dear Alistair,

I can’t believe it!!!!

It’s wonderful.  I can’t stop the smile I’m wearing, it just keeps taking over.  Can’t imagine how I’d be if ever I won a big lottery jackpot.

Now for the numbers.   I’ve already bought for tonight’s draw and although I would ordinarily have used two sets from that group, it’s time for some fresh chances to come into play.  

Thank you for running this competition, it’s brilliant!  (Don’t winners always say that!) 

My smile and I will retire and hope like crazy for another winnnnnnn tonight.

Many, many thanks,




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