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Bundle Information
Bundle Information
When most people had a break over the Christmas holiday period, our managers and team at U.K. Lottery Live were hard at work. They had their heads together, working out some fantastically good deals for you, our valued customers. You will be delighted to know we have devised a system which will save you a lot of moola. We call the new deal “Bundles” you’ll save bundles of cash when you purchase your lottery tickets when you buy using this new system. As you will see from the graph below, the more tickets you purchase at one time, the more savings for you.

We are convinced our customers will take advantage of these special offer bundles, enabling you to purchase more tickets than in the past. It goes without saying that everyone has an equal chance to stake claim to the incredible jackpots that have made many multi millionaires around the world. You too can be a multi millionaire overnight. The more tickets you purchase, the bigger the chance of grabbing the jackpot.

Take advantage of buying more for less and reap the rewards. What could be better after all the spending over Christmas, to win a huge amount of moola on the UK Lottery?. Imagine a debt free New Year, then taking a holiday of a life time. It’s all possible, right here, right now. You cannot win it, if you’re not in it.

An explanation as to how “Bundles” operates

Firstly you will need to go directly to the main page to fund your account. Log in as normal. Displayed are two windows. Standard Ticket and Bundles Discounted Ticket. The option is yours, but for those great savings “Bundles” offers some great discounts on ticket purchases. The grid below details the amount of savings when you purchase Bundles.

Prices in Grid below are "Per Ticket" (pt). Check which bundles you would like to purchase. Total cost is displayed in the grid. Click the "Purchase selected bundles" button.

Lottery 5
valid for 2 weeks
valid for 4 weeks
valid for 6 weeks
valid for 8 weeks
valid for 12 weeks
UK Lottery £2.90 pt £2.80 pt £2.70 pt £2.60 pt £2.50 pt
Euromillions £3.90 pt £3.80 pt £3.70 pt £3.60 pt £3.50 pt
Megamillions £2.90 pt £2.80 pt £2.70 pt £2.60 pt £2.50 pt
Powerball £2.90 pt £2.80 pt £2.70 pt £2.60 pt £2.50 pt
Superenalotto £2.90 pt £2.80 pt £2.70 pt £2.60 pt £2.50 pt
Irish Lottery £2.90 pt £2.80 pt £2.70 pt £2.60 pt £2.50 pt
Oz Lotto £2.90 pt £2.80 pt £2.70 pt £2.60 pt £2.50 pt
Oz Powerball £2.90 pt £2.80 pt £2.70 pt £2.60 pt £2.50 pt

When purchasing “Bundles” the difference will be: you will NOT fund your account for use of any other lottery excepting the specific lottery chosen by yourself when initially purchasing a “Bundles” deal. Depending on which “Bundle” chosen, determines when you will need to utilize your tickets, these will be for a specific time frame. For instance: Should you purchase 5 tickets in total for the UK Lottery = £2.40 per ticket. Total purchase = £12.00 A saving of 60p per ticket. This in turn allows you to utilize these tickets from the day of purchase inclusive of up to two weeks. Should you opt to buy a larger “Bundle” i.e. 10 tickets @£2.30 per ticket. The validity of these tickets is four weeks from day of purchase, in which to utilize these tickets, and so on. Adding two weeks per increment the higher the bundle purchased. The last Bundle offered for the UK Lottery has a huge saving of £1 .00 per ticket. This purchase will give you TEN weeks in which to utilize your tickets for the UK Lottery.

Terms and Conditions

Please note that if you do not use all the tickets in your bundle before the bundle expiry date, you will forfeit any remaining tickets.
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